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Employee Transportation

Our solution enhances the safety of all employees during transit and helps to make the transport happy.

Tourist Transportation

Our tourist transportation service will provide tourist for a safe ,comfortable and convenient mode of transport.

Intercity Night Services

Our Intercity Night services will provide all customer for a safe travel , with all comfortable facilities.

Premium Cars

We have a Premium car facilities with luxury travel and will ensure that you will have a splendid travel.

About us

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We have vast experience in the field of company transport management. The team has a very excellent experience & knowledge in transport management system as they have gained experience in the multinational organizations handling up to 6000 employees and more than 400+ vehicles. We have complete knowledge of the requirement & need of the company transport system. We are flexible, able to respond to rapid change, good at organizing and planning scheduled and focused. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading transport organizations in the Bangalore with extensive operations in the areas of Employee Transportation, Tourist Transportation, Intercity Night Service, Movement.Started in 2006 we are proud to state that CEE TRAVEL has made tremendous progress in its chosen field and currently commands a fleet of nearly 500 vehicles operating on 24/7 basis.


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